Members’ mutual trust evolves naturally from our weekly meetings and working with one another. It’s a great way to do business.
Executives Association of Rhode Island


RI’s First Director of Veterans Affairs, Kasim J. Yarn speaks to
EARI members on July 18, 2017


“Execs” member, Nancy Thomas, Tapestry Communications, co-hosted with Patricia Raskin for The John DePetro Show on 630WPRO Radio this week. She was able to bring on Execs member Greg Porcaro who did tax tips for an hour…very popular spot! Also some nice PR for the association…and shout outs to Ruggieri Bros and RWL Gen’l Contractors…


Congratulations to these RI Execs who reached 20-plus years membership anniversaries in 2017:

  • Greg Porcaro, Otrando, Porcaro & Assoc – 40 years
  • Caroline Cressman, Weichert, Cress Realty – 35 years
  • Mike Sarenson, Music Express – 27 years
  • Brent Wyrostek, Arrest-A-Pest – 26 years
  • Francey Nathan, S. Roberts Specialty – 25 years
  • Jim Laprey, Conlon Moving & Storage – 25 years
  • Diana Pearson, Law Office of Diana Pearson – 20 years

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Execs having fun!

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