Build relationships with influential people in all fields of business and industry. Access the knowledge of other successful professionals who want your business to succeed.


Create new opportunities by doing business with fellow members. Promote your business to those who can recommend your company to others.


Establish a network of dependable suppliers of top quality products and services. More than a third of our members have been involved with EARI for over 15 years.

About the Executives Association of Rhode Island
“The Oldest Networking Group in the State”

Experienced Networking 

Established in 1939, the Executives Association of Rhode Island is the region’s most experienced independent business networking organization. Our members are chosen from a highly qualified group of industry-leading organizations that provide leads, quality goods, referrals and services to businesses throughout the area.

Selective Membership

Every member company, admitted only after careful qualification, is the exclusive representative of its specific business category. Members come from many business sectors, including service industries, professions, trades, and associations.

Expanded Opportunities

Executives Association member representatives work to expand business opportunities for each other by meeting weekly to share worthwhile business information and to arrange to introduce other members to key individuals at companies where members would like to do business. We also host monthly guest speakers from the community to keep our members informed on issues of interest to doing business and living in Rhode Island.

Exchange of Ideas

EARI meets weekly for lunch for the primary purpose of exchanging leads and sharing other information directly related to generating business for members. We also enjoy the opportunity to meet at member hosted “execs after-hours” as well as several social events throughout the year.